Our vision is to be a strategic partner to your farming business, to achieve the best possible outcome for the ‘people’ side of your business, and to build on farm capability.  We have practical farm knowledge and experience, which we will be able to apply to any work we perform for you.

When you need practical, peace of mind employment solutions we will:

  • Provide your farming business with solutions, structures and tools that will improve on farm productivity and performance.
  • Build on farm capability, and increase on farm results, which mean you will be able to carry on even when we are gone.
  • Provide accurate, well researched employment advice on every occasion.
  • Practical systems and targeted training for you and your staff.
  • On farm advice and coaching to implement our people management and performance systems.
  • Relevant, practical and engaging seminars and workshops on current best practice HR/employment topics.

Health & Safety

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Employment Agreements

To help you meet your obligations under the Employment Relations Act 2000 we can:

  • Prepare Individual Employment Agreements
  • Negotiate Collective Agreements, if a union is involved in your workplace
  • Review & update existing agreements, as employment law changes
  • Advise on the application & interpretation of Employment Agreements.


Recruitment & Selection

Where you need help to fill key positions in your workforce, we can

  • Prepare and place enticing job advertisements
  • Prepare a professional recruitment pack & company profile
  • Conduct screening interviews & reference checks
  • Provide you with a detailed shortlist report on suitable candidates
  • Run psychometric testing to assess individual aptitude and/or personality profile
  • Run overseas campaigns for jobs with acute skill shortages in New Zealand

Management Development

If you have managers who have had little or no recent management training and you would like to up-skill them, then we can:

  • Run workshops on any ‘hard to manage’ employment issue
  • Workshops include both theory and practical exercises to develop skills
  • Supply workbooks to use as a practical reference manual on the job
  • Run personality assessments or 360 degree feedback to assist personal development
  • Advise on a range of tertiary education programme options

Procedural & Employment Law Advice

If you are unsure about how to proceed lawfully with managing a specific employment issue we can:

  • Advise whether your proposed course of action is lawful
  • Recommend the best approach to minimise risk of legal action
  • Evaluate a range of alternative options, so you can decide what’s best for you
  • Advise on the best way forward, if you are already facing a legal challenge.

We are frequently asked for advise on Disciplinary matters; Personal Grievance and Dispute claims; how to restructure a business; application of the Holidays Act, and dealing with workplace conflict.

Restructuring & Redundancy

If you need to change the composition of your workforce, or reduce the number of jobs, we can assist you to restructure your business as follows:

  • Provide a clear process for stepping through a restructure/redundancy situation
  • Advise on essential communications with staff prior to finalising your restructuring decisions
  • Help you to develop selection criteria for redundancy
  • Offer out-placement support (assistance with CV preparation, counselling) for displace staff, to help them to find re-employment.

Managing Staff Performance

If you want to ensure you are getting the best performance from your staff, or if you are troubled by an underperforming member of the team, we can:

  • Help you develop a performance management system to suit your business
  • Use business information and customer feedback to drive service quality
  • Review the role remuneration plays in managing performance in your business
  • Provide market data on remuneration trends
  • Provide a mechanism for dealing with poor performance or work standards.


People & Performance Strategies

If you are generally happy with the way your organisation is performing but want to ‘raise the bar’ to the next level, we can:

  • Help you create plans to ensure that the people side of your business is ‘in sync’ with your business vision
  • Draft Human Resources policies and procedures setting out how you want to consistently operate as an employer
  • Consider practical strategies to manage issues such as reward, staff retention, training and personal development, and quality, in order to contribute to the ‘point of uniqueness ‘of your farming business.

Our Products


  • Timesheets
  • Accident/Early Report Books
  • Leave Forms
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Contractor pads
  • Individual staff files



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