Health and Safety

Are you confident you are operating a safe and healthy workplace and meeting your legislative requirements under Health and Safety law? If not, we can help.

Our Health and Safety Consultants undertake the following activities to support clients.


Health and safety audits and gap analysis

We will undertake a comprehensive audit of your workplace focussing on your health and safety systems, processes and practices to ensure your system is workable and achieving compliance. Recommendations for corrective action will be made, where required, to enable your Company to meet Health and Safety legislation and minimise any liabilities for the Company and its Directors in the event of a serious harm accident or fatality.

Development and implementation of health and safety management systems

We will work with you and compile a simple and practical Health and Safety Management System. This system includes a document for your business that will set out the expectations of all employees and for you as the employer in relation to health and safety. The system includes;

  • A health and safety policy which will describe the Company’s commitment to providing a safe working environment and the expectations of employees in meeting these requirements.
  • A system to identify and rate the hazards specific to your business. This will assist in highlighting the potential harm and will enable recording of the hazard; including how the hazard will be controlled.
  • Procedures and forms to record accidents, near misses, to record, report and investigate incidents and injuries.
  • Emergency policy and procedures.
  • Policy and procedures for engaging contractors

Health and safety training with employees and management

We will present an engaging workshop, outlining the health and safety obligations of employees. With employee participation, we will work through the key Company policies and procedures.

This is an excellent opportunity to ensure health and safety is given importance in your workplace. There is a legal duty on employers to involve their employees in ensuring workplace safety. The workshop will give your staff the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the Health and Safety System.

Ongoing support as required in the management of health and safety

We can provide practical assistance with the day to day management of your health and safety system. Whether it be guidance in using the forms, online systems, or providing practical solutions to incorporating health and safety into your day to day business. 

Expert witness testimony

Finding an expert to testify on your behalf on health and safety matters can be a challenge. Should you be in the situation where you require this type of service, we will work with you to identify exactly what type of expert you require and use our extensive contacts and networks to find the right person. Within our team we also have specialised safety professionals with experience in a range of industries.

Support following incidents and accidents at work

In the unfortunate event of a serious incident or accident occurring at work our trained staff can respond and provide support immediately. There are legal requirements when responding to an accident and this can be difficult to do when someone in your team has suffered an injury. Our services include immediate response and a site visit, conducting investigations, responding to Worksafe NZ on your behalf, and providing support to affected staff.

Development of health and safety governance documents

The new health and safety reform legislation introduces the concept of  “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking” and “Officer”, creating increased responsibilities and potential liability for a wide group of people including directors, partners, trustees, sole traders, senior managers and those holding key roles within a business or undertaking. We can provide support and education to your governance and senior management team to ensure they understand their responsibilities and what they need to do to adequately manage risk.  We can assist in developing a Charter document outlining governance responsibilities and higher level health and safety strategy. 

Providing practical on site health and safety solutions

It is all well and good having up to date health and safety documentation, however many businesses find it a challenge to implement these practically at work and get staff buy in. From staff engagement to unique ways of conducting vehicle checks, our experienced staff can work with you to identify areas that could be improved and offer creative solutions. Visiting your workplace and observing your current practices is a great way to start this process.

Assistance with preparing for ACC Audits and applying for discounts

By completing the Workplace Safety Discount Audit Standard (those with 10 or less employees) and attaching the supporting documents required, you will enable ACC to assess your knowledge of workplace hazards and the health and safety practices in your workplace. If ACC agrees that you meet all the requirements of the audit, you will receive a 10% discount on your ACC work levy. The discount will apply for three tax years from 1 April in the year your application is accepted. The Workplace Safety Management Practices scheme exists for medium to large businesses and we can provide support to complete this application.


SAFELY is a powerful Safety Management App, customised to specific industries. Our software helps ensure every area of your business is compliant with health and safety legislation and industry best practice. This software that will keep your business on track and help keep your staff and customers safe.  Go to for more information.